Posted by: marymccarty | March 12, 2011

Busy Month

The Celebration of Creativity Show is now over and it was a beautiful show as always. I hope you were able to attend and enjoy the art of so many wonderful artists. It was a great show for me as I sold, Blackberry Seasons, Oregon Strawberry and Nasturiums. I also sold out of cards. WOW I was really pleased! I had better get busy and start some new projects. I have a long list and can hardly wait to get started. If anyone has any ideas on what you would like to see, just add comments on this blog. 

I have been asked to show my work at the gallery attached to the Sandy Visitor Center. I will have a few of my older works there for now and then in August will be having a show with a gentleman who turns beautiful wood items. I will have all new work to show you by then. As I get more informaion I will post the dates and time.

I am taking some time off from teaching so I can devote time to new drawings but I have been asked to teach again at the Quilting Delight Quilt Shop. The shop has wonderful light, comfortable class rooms and great people who work there. Will post the date as soon as I have one. Mary


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